Choose your own pleasant cupboardbed...

5 pleasant themes
Each cupboardbed has been decorated with character, along with a mural and a fitting theme. Each cupboardbed has one of the following themes: ‘Joyful’, ‘Rustic’, ‘Sparkly’, ‘Romance’ or ‘Nostalgia’.

The hamlets
Each cupboardbed looks practically the same from outside. To make it a little bit easier for you to find your own cupboardbed, each cupboardbed has been named to one of many hamlets in the surroundings of Aalten, Bredevoort and Winterswijk.

Each time it’s a challenge to determine who sleeps in which cupboardbed. One likes to sleep in the ‘Sparkly Miste’ cupboardbed while the other prefers the ‘Romantic Woold’ cupboardbed.

The Lantern
The cupboardbeds all look practically the same, especially I the dark. You might have to go to the lavatory at night. How will you find your own cupboardbed? Who knows in which cupboardbed you will end up? Throughout the past few years we have heard the funniest stories!

Of course we have found a solution for you. To make it a little bit easier for you to find your own cupboardbed at night, we have provided each cupboardbed with a lantern. You can turn on the lantern at night before visiting the lavatory. This way you will have no doubts at night finding your own cupboardbed.

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